Company Bio

SPECTA (Specialist Process Engineering Consultants Trouble-shooters & Auditors) Oil and Gas Ltd has been incorporated to operate primarily as a rapid response Process engineering consultancy specialising in performing process plant debottlenecking, systems troubleshooting, design and Safety Case auditing and the resolution of performance monitoring issues employing state-of-the-art steady state/dynamic simulation software.

about1This company strategy was decided in view of the global reticence by the oil companies to pre-invest in the design of new build infrastructures that historically supports the exploitation of non-renewable hydrocarbon resources. Consequently, SPECTA Oil and Gas Ltd will exploit the present need for dedicated Process engineering vigilance, on a global scale, to stem the loss of experienced professionals from the global arena, thus providing an invaluable ‘second pair of eyes’ to quickly rectify emergencies that threaten the preservation of the environmentally safe operation of oil and gas assets.

Hence, this specialist Process engineering consultancy will function as a trusted source of Process skills dedicated to assisting the oil and gas majors to preserve the operational safety and integrity of existing UK and Overseas installations in the company’s portfolio’s and to improve the productivity, and cost efficiency of existing assets worldwide against a backdrop of declining global prices.

The operating mantra of the SPECTA Oil and Gas Ltd Process engineers shall be “Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative!” We shall achieve our mission by focusing on our Clients goals – always striving to achieve a quick response to engineering solutions in the most cost effective way!!

When commissioned to assist in contemporary design matters, SPECTA Oil and Gas Ltd shall provide their clients with a robust process basis of design at the inception of a project, thus avoiding potential changes or additions to the core design specifications/criteria/parameters on which a successful project is built.

Thus the company will discuss with the client their exact requirements and commence working on aspects of the project without any unnecessary delays and unrealistic budget considerations. This strategy is achieved by initially focusing on the process parameters that may cost the project disproportionately if these had to change late in the life of the project.

The major process parameters that impact a project despite meeting the process and HSE design criteria, even when delivered within schedule, are identified as follows:

  • Expected CAPEX costed over the design life of the plant depending on the piping materials specifications including brownfield modifications
  • Envisaged OPEX including maintenance cost and depending on the degree of automation required
  • Uptime / Availability of the plant
  • Expected insurance cost depending on the standards specified, whether API or Norsok / DNV
  • Cost of funding / return on investment

We will achieve our mission by focusing primarily on the following Clients goals:

  • Health, Safety and the Environment
  • Performance monitoring for cost effective solutions
  • Always giving a quick response to engineering solutions

about2We shall endeavour to encourage the establishment of a project wise esprit de corps with the client engineers that is second to none. Always striving to focus on one goal, one scope of work and one result – the safe accomplishment of the project, within budget and schedule!

The Process engineering taskforce at SPECTA Oil and Gas Ltd and their sub-contracting associates, will be seasoned industry professionals who shall offer a full range of services to the oil and gas industry, including subsea wellheads/flowlines, fixed and floating, topsides and onshore terminals/treatment plants, as follows:

  • Conceptual design / FEED / Detailed design
  • Flow Assurance analyses (using Unisim or OLGA)
  • Steady State / Dynamic Simulation (using HYSYS or OLGA)
  • Safety Engineering analyses (HAZID / HAZOP / LOPA)
  • SIL assessment and targeting
  • Process plant de-bottlenecking
  • Design verification and endorsement
  • Engineering management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Technical writing
  • Debottlenecking
  • Piping and mechanical integrity services
  • System Design / Safety Case Auditing

The Process group at SPECTA Oil and Gas Ltd, shall be comprised mainly of chartered chemical engineers, most of whom have in excess of 20 years hands-on experience in subsea, topsides and onshore installation design and start-up.

All the Process engineers that are assigned to provide advice to our clients on troubleshooting matters will be seasoned professionals who have gained their experience on the actual detailed design of the systems they will be troubleshooting, with a particular emphasis on gas dehydration, where downtime can prove to be extremely costly if the export gas quality is compromised.

Another key area of expertise is in dynamic simulation, which is used to perform performance monitoring analyses, with particular emphasis on compressor surge, hot gas bypass and inertia analyses. Furthermore, with overall system design integrity and cost effectiveness central in the mind of all our Process engineers, those SPECTA professionals actually tasked with performing audit duties shall be fully versed in the use and applicability of all the relevant BS, API, DNV, ISO, NORSOK and DIN standards that ensure a safe oil and gas industry plant design.

At SPECTA Oil and Gas Ltd, the main focus of attention will be the process engineering of subsea pipeline projects, upstream oil and gas projects both offshore and onshore, with a strong emphasis on resolving flow assurance issues either by steady state or dynamic simulation techniques.

In particular, SPECTA Oil and Gas Ltd will focus on establishing the following work ethic from the inception of any project:

(1) Liaise closely with the client to ensure that the latest, most valid production profile data is used in strict accordance with the SOR / SOW / BOD
(2) Develop the conceptual design, process simulations and PFD’s to set the stage for the initial design phase of the project
(3) Analyse the data and establish with the client the product specifications, flowrates and delivery conditions, based on the chosen conceptual design
(4) For design projects, develop the FEED based on the chosen conceptual design and undertake a Coarse HAZID / HAZOP
(5) Establish the cost of the core process skidded units (separators, compressors, pumps, vessels, columns, heat exchangers, etc)
(6) Undertake a detailed HAZOP / LOPA (including vendor packages)
(7) Commence writing system operating guidelines (SOGs) / system operating procedures (SOPs) / operating manuals / control narratives / pre-commissioning / commissioning / start-up technical notes / Safety Case
(8) Assist client with Follow-on engineering and /or start-up/troubleshooting

At SPECTA Oil and Gas Ltd the Process group and their sub-contractor associates can provide amongst others the following specialist troubleshooting and auditing service to clients in the oil and gas industry – systems which seem to require attention in many plants:

(a) For Troubleshooting SOWs

  • Gas dehydration systems solutions
  • TEG Regeneration Package solutions
  • Oil dehydration systems solutions
  • Oil desalting solutions
  • Gas Dew-pointing solutions
  • Gas Sweetening solutions
  • Wax Deposition solutions
  • Vapour Recovery solutions
  • Produced Water treatment solutions
  • Oil treatment solutions

(b) For Auditing SOWs

  • PSV Audits
  • Design Audits
  • Safety Case Audits

Finally, at SPECTA Oil and Gas Ltd the assigned Process engineers and their sub-contractor associates in their respective sector portfolios can also provide specialist advice on the following areas:

  • High performance de-oiling solutions utilising compact flotation units (CFU’s)
  • Floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) design and troubleshooting
  • Dynamic simulation modelling of acoustically induced vibration effects
  • Increasing the capacity of brownfield facilities without replacing the main vessels and columns of the plant
  • Life-of-Field modelling
  • Energy performance modelling
  • Thermal hydraulic analyses

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  • At SPECTA Oil and Gas Ltd the resounding mantra of the SPECTA professionals is:

    “Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative! We achieve our mission by focusing on our Clients goals – always striving to provide a quick response with  engineering solutions in the most cost effective way!!”

  • The Process consultants at SPECTA Oil and Gas Ltd collectively possess a diversity and expertise that is complimentary to their knowledge of the oil and gas industry.