How We Work

about1SPECTA Oil and Gas Ltd will operate primarily as a rapid response Process engineering consultancy specialising in the resolution of performance related issues that require prompt system troubleshooting and or system auditing to quickly rectify emergencies that threaten the preservation of environmentally safe operation of oil and gas assets.

We will achieve our mission by focusing primarily on the following Clients goals:

  • Health, Safety and the Environment
  • Performance monitoring for cost effective solutions
  • Always giving a quick response to engineering problems

We shall endeavour to encourage the establishment of a project wise esprit de corps with the client engineers. Always striving to focus on one goal, one scope of work and one result – the safe accomplishment of the project, within budget and schedule!

  • Creed
  • Company
  • Social
  • At SPECTA Oil and Gas Ltd the resounding mantra of the SPECTA professionals is:

    “Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative! We achieve our mission by focusing on our Clients goals – always striving to provide a quick response with  engineering solutions in the most cost effective way!!”

  • The Process consultants at SPECTA Oil and Gas Ltd collectively possess a diversity and expertise that is complimentary to their knowledge of the oil and gas industry.