SPECTA Biographies

Name: Errol Carlton McKenzie Title: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Qualification: BA Chemistry Professional Associations: AMIChemE / ACS Tenure in Oil and Gas Industry: 40 years Language: English / Dutch Interests: Wing Chun Kung Fu, Writing, Chess

Errol has held the position of Lead Engineer for a total of 18 years in the Piping division serving as Lead Materials Engineer, Lead Weight Control Engineer and Lead Piping Engineer.

His leadership roles in Process engineering is now 12 years, during which time he has served as understudy to the Chief Process Engineer for a total of 5 years.

Name: Eur. Ing. Christos Papadopoulos Title: Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Qualification: BSc (Hons) Chem.Eng Professional Associations: CEng; MIChemE Tenure in Oil and Gas Industry: 30 years Language: English / Greek (mother tongue) Interests: History / Politics / Cultural pursuits

Chris has held the position of Principal Process Engineer for circa 10 years, and served as a Principal Process Specialist for Lloyds Register Aberdeen.

Name: Wim Van Wassenhove Title: Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Qualification: MSc Chemical Engineering Tenure in Oil and Gas Industry: 20 years Language: English/French/Dutch/German Interests: Software development / cycling

Wim has extensive expertise in steady state and dynamic modelling, and in developing of complementary technologies. He also has vast experience as a VP of software development.

Name: Samuel Ikechukwu Okonji Title: Communications Director (CD)
Qualification: MSc/BEng Chem.Eng Professional Associations: AMIChemE Tenure in Oil and Gas Industry: 15 years Language: English / Igbo Interests: Trading / Leadership activities / Chess

Samuel has prepared his submission to the IChemE for his chartership and is awaiting his results.

Name: Leon Charles McKenzie Title: Non-Executive Director (NED)
Qualification: BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy Professional Associations: MSST MSMA Tenure in Physiotherapy: 8 years Language: English Interests: Wing Chun Kung Fu / Physiotherapy

Since leaving university, Leon has been gaining valuable practical experience as a Physiotherapist in the NHS, however his commercial skills have been gained serving as a NED for over 5 years with ECM Systems Ltd.

Name: Alistair Chay McKenzie Title: Non-Executive Director (NED) / Professional Rugby Player / Coach
Qualification: Undergraduate Professional Associations: England RFU Tenure in Professional Rugby: 15 years Language: English / Italian Interests: Personal training / IT diagnostics

Alistair served for 10 years as a Prop Forward with London WASPS Rugby Club, playing in both the English Premiership and the European Heineken Cup. He then spent 2 years playing in the Italian Premiership for Calvesano and 2 years playing in the Welsh Premiership for Newport Dragons.

His subsequent commercial experience was gained serving as the Operations Director at Extractive Search Ltd for 2 years, managing the Technical Recruitment portfolio and as a NED for over 5 years with ECM Systems Ltd.

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  • At SPECTA Oil and Gas Ltd the resounding mantra of the SPECTA professionals is:

    “Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative! We achieve our mission by focusing on our Clients goals – always striving to provide a quick response with  engineering solutions in the most cost effective way!!”

  • The Process consultants at SPECTA Oil and Gas Ltd collectively possess a diversity and expertise that is complimentary to their knowledge of the oil and gas industry.